Barba + Wheelock is committed to planning and designing sustainable, high-performance buildings, systems, and surrounding sites that maximize energy efficiency, increase human comfort and delight, and respect the environment.  Through close association with consulting engineers we develop metrics and sustainable design analysis and strategies as well as energy modeling.

From the onset of a project we approach sustainable issues holistically and conceptually, and periodically tests ideas and concepts for conformance to the project goals, expectations and budget. Our experience with integrated design and practical experience allow for efficient study of the development of site-specific, cost-effective solutions that improve sustainability and performance.

As a matter of course, our project teams incorporate innovative approaches to energy and water conservation practices into mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and building envelop systems, building designs, and construction waste management requirements.

Our consulting engineers take water conservation and quality into account in designing systems. Opportunities in water conservation include the use of low flow fixtures, provision of a dedicated closed loop cooling water system for water-cooled equipment, and storm water collection systems to store runoff water for use as irrigation or gray water flushing systems. In addition, water-conserving toilets, showerheads, and faucet aerators not only reduce water use, they also reduce demand on septic systems.

In material choices Barba + Wheelock is well versed in the utilization of environmentally friendly products, recycled and/or reused products, low volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) products and products or systems which promote green/sustainable facilities operations and maintenance. We maintain an in-house inventory of low VOC and environmentally friendly products and materials.

Our engineers design systems that incorporate utility rebates and reduce greenhouse gases and even when not called upon to seek third party certification (such as LEED), each strives to employ cost effective solutions that move our projects and Owners towards a net zero portfolio and a healthy and sustainable living environment.

B+W and our selected consultant teams are totally committed to employing sustainable practices in all aspects of our work.  We stand ready to discuss with you the approach that best befits your project from a first cost and life-cycle cost perspective.