Historic Structure Reports

With extensive experience working with older and historic buildings, B+W has established a solid reputation for its work with public clients and the preservation community on historically significant properties.  We work with individuals and organizations to help determine their preservation needs and the best solution for meeting them.

A historic structure report (HSR) presents historic, graphic, and physical information about a property’s history and existing condition.  Through careful research, investigation, documentation and analysis, the project team determines the evolution of the building over time, identifies the provenance of the surviving fabric, and provides recommendations for preservation and repair work.  A historic structure report can identify the period of significance of a structure and enhance the interpretation of a historic site.  As a biography tells the history of a person, a Historic Structure Report is the history of a building.

Our staff is proud to have contributed to HSRs for numerous properties on the National Register of Historic Places, including National Historic Landmarks.

A Historic Structure Report is a critical tool toward responsible preservation. The scope of a conditions assessment and/or historic structure report varies greatly depending upon a client’s needs and budget.  Preservation requires a depth of technical knowledge of centuries of historic design materials and building systems. We bring together teams of consultants and integrate their expertise with our own to produce documents specific to our clients’ needs.