Conditions Assessment

A Conditions Assessment documents the condition of building materials, elements, and systems; identifies causes of deterioration; and provides prioritized recommendations for necessary preservation and repair work.  A Conditions Assessment may be a succinct overview or an in-depth study involving a team of qualified consultants.  A Conditions Assessment may be necessary for many reasons:  it provides critical information for the responsible care of historic structures and is also a valuable planning, budgeting and fund raising tool.

As architects and preservationists, we provide experience in historic buildings, sequence and plan the investigation into your building, coordinate the team’s efforts, evaluate recommendations, and coordinate all findings.  The resulting report will be organized in a way that encompasses the team’s findings with a critical eye on history, aesthetics, sustainability, budgeting and technical feasibility for all recommendations.

This approach provides our clients the added value of a coordinated effort, pursued in the most efficient manner, and results in a single-source document on which to base future decisions.