Abbott Memorial Library

Dexter, Maine

Abbott Memorial Library recently received a New Century Community Program Grant from the Maine Historic Preservation Commission (MHPC) to engage a qualified historical architect (36 CFR Part 61) to prepare Construction Documents for the roof restoration. The Trustees decided to augment the grant with additional funds to address a complete restoration project for the roof and exterior façade. Certain areas of the façade, especially the terra cotta cornice are intricately wed to the roof so addressing this area in the same scope of work was advantageous.

The Abbott Memorial Library was donated by George Amos Abbott, designed by J. Williams Beal of Boston and constructed in 1894-95.  The terra cotta was sourced from the Boston Terra Cotta Company. The granite appears local to Maine. The wall field is comprised of buff colored Roman size brick.

B+W prepared drawings and specifications for public bidding for the restoration work including:

  • Roof
    • Copper
      • Eave “ice belt”
      • Valleys
      • Ridge caps
      • Finials – preservation or reconstruction
      • Gutters (with corrugated copper) and straps
      • Downspouts and brackets
    • Slate
      • Restoration of the entire roof, using existing and new slate
  • Terra Cotta
    • Cornice and frieze
    • Water course at granite transition
    • Window moulding jambs and sills
    • Pediment over entry and decorative panels
    • Entry surround, columns
    • Plinth bases at the entry
  • Brick
    • Mortar mix and specifications for repointing
    • Sourcing material if needed for repair/replacement
  • Granite base course stones
    • Mortar mix and specifications for repointing

: 2017

Special Features: 
Terra Cotta, Brick, Slate and Copper restoration

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